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Cradle Mount


This is a replacement cradle mount
Offers more ground clearance to your Volkswagen
Or it can also be used to for a stock replacement too
Custom made this is a one of a kind

Also available in a two piece set made to fit on the sides of your torsion mounting
(Picture 2)


Tow Hitch VW Bus


Towing has never been more easier
Throw it on your VW Bus today
High quality part
Powder coated semi-glass black

L: 55 inches

W: 42 inches

H: 9 inches

35 lbs

Tow Bar VW Bus


High Quality Part
Powder coated semi-gloss black
This Tow bar is designed to receive a 2″ Inch Tow Ball

The Tow Bar attaches to the front beam of the car from below and the tow bar pins secure it

It takes only a few minutes to attach a tow bar to any of these VW’s

Always use a safety chain when you tow any VW
So you can tow your bus around for the holidays!

L: 69 inches

W:25 inches

H: 18 inches

35 lbs

VW Thing Front Beam (Complete)


High Quality OEM Part

Complete spindle to spindle ready to go

Powder coated semi-gloss black

Parts installed on the Front Axle Beam are…

* Steering Knuckle Left & Right
* Steering Gear Box
* Steering Damper
* Steering Drop Arm
* Steering Coupler
* Dust Exluders Upper & Lower
* Grease Caps Left & Right
* Steering Knuckle Clamping Nut Left & Right
* Tie Rod Complete Left
* Tie Rod Complete Right
* Front Wheel Seal Inner
* Torsion Arm Bushings
* Eccentric Bushings
* Stabilizer Bar with Bushings
* Grease Nipples
* Front OE Shocks
* Torsion Arms Upper & Lower, Left & Right

Looking for a new home!


L: 61 inches

H: 14.5 inches

W: 22 inches

200 lbs