5x112mm to Porsche-5x130mm Wheel Adapter – ’73-’79 Bus (Sold in Pairs)


5x112mm to Porsche-5x130mm Wheel Adapter – ’73-’79 Bus

New! We are now offering wheel adapters giving your late bay window bus more wheel options!

These 911 bolt pattern (5x130mm) wheel adapters will allow you to bolt 911 wheels to late Bay Window Bus 5×112 bolt pattern. These adapters have 14mm studs to mount your 911 style wheels. Adapters are 3/4″ thick.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at the shop!

Up Grades:
Getting these adapters but need to match the rear? We’ve got you covered! We can drill your rear hubs to the 5x130mm bolt pattern and they’ll come tapped ready for 14mm lugs or we can stud them out for you as well. We’ve also got your 5x130mm new rear drums as well.


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