Pro Street – Type 1 Transmission – (Swing or IRS)


Pro Street – Type 1 Transmission – (Swing or IRS)

This is a High Performance re-manufactured VW IRS/Swing Axle Transmission.  Made to replace your stock unit with a high performance version that is stronger and will withstand higher horsepower & rougher usage.

(Pics are of IRS only) 

– Super Diff
– Heavy Duty Side Plate/Cover
– Welded 3rd and 4th Hubs
– Steel Shift Forks
– Hardened Keys

Comes with 2 Year Warranty. Price is on an exchange basis only. Core prices unfortuantly vary due to availability.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently about us or our products, as we respect and support all local, national, and international competitors. If you have any concerns or questions, I highly recommend you call and speak with one of us at the shop!

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