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Deep Dish Smoothies


Deep Dish Smoothies

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2332 CC Engine


2332 CC Engine

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IRS Upgrade Kit with Transmission (Optional) – Type 1 Bug/Ghia 1969 – 1979


IRS Upgrade Kit with Transmission (Optional) – Type 1 Bug/Ghia 1969 – 1979

Looking to upgrade your ’69-’79 bug/ghia to an Independent Rear Suspension? Look no further!! This is our Vintage V-Dubs unmatched complete/entire/everything-you-need/lock-stock-&-barrel IRS kit.

Made here in Southern California, our conversion kit comes ready to fit all ’69-’79 early split bus suspensions. I’ll keep the details short and sweet, here’s what you get…

– (2) Refurbished Trailing Arms
– (2) Control Arm Mounting Brakets (Shackle Irons)
– (2) Axles
– (2) Stub Axles
– (2) Spring Plates (Specifically Made for this Kit)
– (2) Spring Plate Spacers
– (2) Bearing Caps
– (2) E-Brake Cable Extensions
– (2) Shock Mounts
– (2) New Urethane Bushings
– (4) Bearings
– (2) Gasket Sets
– All Necessary Hardware & Clips
– Pivot Bolts & Washers (not pictured)

Additional Option:

-Rebuilt IRS Transmission (New syncros mainshaft bearing, gear carrier housing, bushings, nose cone bushing, hardware, & seals) (3 Year Unlimited Warranty)

-Will not ship until Cores are received.

SKU: 8882-1 Categories: , ,
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Rear Disc Brake Kit with E-Brake (Forged Bracket) – Bus’55 – ’67 – 5x130mm


Deluxe Rear Disc Brake Kit With Emergency Brakes. Great For Street, Off-road And Play Cars Where Emergency Brake Provisions Are Required. Original Equipment Style Brake Calipers Make Poor Break Performance A Thing Of The Past. Converting Your Vw I.R.S. Vehicle From Drum To Disc Brakes Is Made Simple With This Conversion Kit.

SKU: 2914-1-1 Categories: , ,
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Cylinder Deflector Tin, For 8mm Studs, Zinc Plated 1500-1600cc (FREE SHIPPING)


Part Number: 98-9984-B

Cylinder defector tin for Volkswagens is an important component when it comes to keeping your engine cool. Taking the air from the fan shroud, it directs it around the cylinders. Must be installed before the pushrod tubes.

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Ball Joint, Type 2 68-79 (FREE SHIPPING)


Part Number: 98-4524-B

Lower Ball Joint.

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Part Number: 47-7319-0

The EMPI Hex Bar HPMX Carburetor Kits have many of the features of our Deluxe EMPI Kits. All Kits feature: Aluminum Alloy Hex Bar with Steel Ball Ends – Sealed Aircraft Heim Rod Ends – Ball Burnished/Polished – Offset Aluminum Intake Manifolds – Thick High Strength Steel Linkage Mounts – Chrome Air Filters with High Flow Gauze Elements – Coil Relocation Mount – Brass Fuel Tee – Detailed and Illustrated Instructions – Attractive EMPI Packaging. All Dual HPMX Carb Kits are run as pairs and set up for right and left sides.

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Cam Gear Bolts, Set of 3 (FREE SHIPPING)


Part Number: 21-4310-0

High Grade 5/16″ – 24 SAE Grade 8 bolts with washer attached, for aftermarket cams. Use these bolts to attach our P/N: 21-2500 Cam Gear. These bolts will clear most pumps.

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