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Elite Streering Box for Type 1 Bug/Ghia 1952-1965


Fits the following:

  • 1966-1977 US Spec Type 1 Beetle-Bug-Fusca
  • 1966-1974 US Spec Karmann Ghia
  • 1965-1979 UK Spec Type 1 Beetle-Bug
  • 1965-1974 UK Spec Karmann Ghia
  • All Type 3’s
  • 1973-1974 Type 181 Thing
  • Mexican Beetle
  • Fridolin
  • Kit cars with ball joint suspensions

Fits the following if you replace the early pitman arm and install a 1966-68 pitman arm:

  • 1949-1965 US Spec Type 1 Beetle-Bug-Fusca
  • 1955-1965 US Spec Karmann Ghia
  • Kit cars with link pin suspensions
  • Currently, we do not offer pitman arms for sale.


  • Steering box comes un-greased. Normal axle bearing grease is used and is recommended that you check it every 3000 miles

UPC 639114088583

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Rubber Trailing Arm Bushing


Rubber Trailing Arm Bushing

UPC: 639114088576

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2 Gauge / 1 Tach Hole Panel, Black – FREE SHIPPING


Part Number: 14-1003-0

Dash panels are made to accept gauges and tachs. Choose black or chrome. For all 2 1/16″ gauges and 3 1/8″ tachs.

UPC: 707924345438

SKU: 14-1003-0 Category:
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Bolt On Center Transmission Support – FREE SHIPPING


Part Number: 17-2536-0

Secures transmission from the bottom of the front case bolts. Supports from frame horns to reduce flex, zinc plated. Urethane stops included.

UPC 707924356472

SKU: 17-2536-0 Category:
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Urethane Tie Rod Boots, Stock VW, (4). – FREE SHIPPING


Part Number: B5-5752-1

Made from urethane, these boots are made to withstand the abuse of off- road racing. Superior design keeps rust and dirt from wearing out tie rod end   prematurely and they look good.

UPC: 707924455045

SKU: B5-5752-1 Category:
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Part #111831421A

Oversize, upper and lower (has no mirror mounting threads) .317 dia., through 1967 Bug (1967 Bug through chassis # 117496033), each

UPC: 639114088569

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Part #111857514A

upper, oversize, .317 dia., has threads for mounting mirror, through 1967 Bug , each.

UPC: 639114088552

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Axle Nut Removal Tool, 46mm For Type 2, 63 & Later – FREE SHIPPING


Part Number: 00-5749-0

Remove rear axle nuts with this tool and your 1/2″ breaker bar.

UPC 707924328868

SKU: 00-5749-0 Category:
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