2 1/2″ Drop Spindle, Link Pin, Drum Brake, to 65, For 5/205, Pr. – FREE SHIPPING


Part Number: 22-2858-0

EMPI cast drop spindles are brand new units, not re-manufactured old cores! CNC machined to exact tolerances. These spindles feature 1/4″ outwards offset. Clearance is usually not an issue. Made only for 4-Lug VW (4/130) and 5-Lug Porsche (5/130) disc brake applications. These spindles are the first step to a brake system upgrade while giving you the built-in ability to lower your car an automatic 2 1/2″ just by bolting them on. Link Pin spindles utilize stock tie rod holes while the ball joint spindles require 69-on inner wheel bearings and tie rod ends. Both spindles use original steering geometry so the ride and handling of the car is not negatively effected.707924301403

UPC 707924301403

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