’68 to ’70 Drum Bay 2.5 inch Dropped Spindles


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’68-’70 Bay Window 2.5″ Drum Drop Spindles   
These hand fabricated drop spindles are the highest quality product on the market!!Made here in Southern California, these drum drop spindles come professionally engineered, fit-tested, and tig welded, to fit all standard and aftermarket wheel set-ups. With no other comparable competitive imitations, these drop spindles will be guaranteed to out live the life of your bus with the option to purchase as raw steel or with a double layered powder-coating. Our bolt-on design allows all early bay window owners to install quickly and effortlessly for a comfortable and smooth ride.

All spindles are fabricated at a 10mm/(1cm) offset with a 2.5″/(6.35cm) drop for maximum strength and durability.

Also, please let us know if you intend to run with stock wheels. 

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