Brake Hardware Kit, Type 1 Rear 67-79 Each – FREE SHIPPING


Part Number: 98-6990-B

99% of the calls we received concerning problems with brake installation comes down to 1 problem…AIR IN THE LINES. Tech Tip: After having bled the brake system 2 or 3 times €¦a spongy pedal, pads dragging, etc., is almost always caused by air being trapped in the in the system. Be sure to Bench Bleed a new master cylinder if installed. There are a few different ‘1-Man Bleeders’ available – Mityvac and others. Use our new Quick Bleeders…make it easy on yourself and your helpers. If installing new Disc Brake Calipers, rotate them to where the bleeder is around 12 O’Clock for bleeding…easier to get the air going straight up…then rotate them into position when you are done. When all else fails, take the car to a professional for bleeding and adjusting. Small price to pay if you do not have the patience!

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