Dump My Bay Full Lowering Kit – Bay Window Bus ’68-’79 (7-10 DAYS SHIPPED)


Dump my Bay Full Lowering Kit Bay Window ’68-’79   

This is Vintage V-Dubs “all-in-one” lowering kit for ’68-’79 Bay Window Buses. Each piece in this package is skillfully engineered and hand fabricated to be the highest quality product kit on the market!!

Made here in Southern California, this complete set-up comes with: 

-4″ Narrowed Beam,2.5″ Dropped Spindles,Shortened Tie Rods and Ends, Horseshoe Plates and Hardware


The narrowed beam is fully adjustable and comes professionally tig welded, to fit all ’68-’79 original & aftermarket bay window front suspensions. It includes laser side plates, high grade polyurethane bushings, new center pin, and reconditioned hardware. All beams come with a 4″ narrowed beam, center pin raised pitch of 7/8″, and a 2° rake for maximum and safe ground clearance.

Spindles are also tig welded and fabricated at a 10mm/(1cm) offset with a 2.5″/(6.35cm) drop for maximum strength and durability.

Our custom tie rods and tie rod ends come professionally machined and threaded at the highest quality.

The standard horse shoe plates drop the rear end 3.25″, allowing the max lowering capacity without having to notch or cut your bus’s frame rails.

With no other comparable competitive imitations, this set-up will be guaranteed to out live the life of your bus. Our bolt-on design allows all bay window owners to install quickly and effortlessly for a comfortable and smooth ride. ’68-’70 Bay Window owners will have a slightly different looking kit package from the photos provided

Also, please let us know if you intend to run with stock wheels. 1968-’79 VW Bus Dump My Bay Lowering Kit to purchase this product.

Turn around time is 7-10 days shipped.

UPC 639114088163

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