Elite Adjustable Narrowed Beam Bug/Ghia (Brakes Sold Optional) (3-4 WEEKS WAIT TIME)


Vintage V Dubs is proud to offer an ELITE detailed built adjustable beam to lower your Pre 1965 Bug/Ghia. From a slight drop, to kissing the pavement, we have the necessary parts to get you there and give you an amazing ride that looks even cooler.


For more information about the Front Wilwood Cross-Drilled Disc Brake Kit please click this: https://www.vintagev-dubs.com/shop/front-wilwood-cross-drilled-disc-brake-kit-bug-ghia-54-67/#

For more information about the EMPI Disc Brake Kit please click this: https://www.vintagev-dubs.com/shop/empi-22-2925-2-1-2-inch-lowered-dropped-spindle-5x205mm-and-5x130mm-bolt-pattern-disc-brake-kit-beetle-ghia-52-65-with-king-pin-front-beam-complete-with-new-spindles/

UPC 639114086329

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