Elite Dump My Bay Complete Front Beam- Bus ’68-’79


Elite Dump My Bay Complete Lowering Kit – Bus ’68-’79

The Elite Vintage V-Dubs custom built bay window bus, front lowering suspension.
Made here in Southern California, this disk to disk complete front-end suspension comes with:

– Custom Adjustable & Narrowed Beam with 2″, 4″, or 5″ narrowing options.
– New Center Pin & Pitman Arm Installed
– Shortened & Tapped Leaf Springs Installed
– 2.5″ Dropped Spindles 10mm/(1cm) offset
– Shortened Tie Rods and Ends
– Custom Ball Joint Control Arms
– Hardware

•The narrowed beam is fully adjustable and comes professionally welded, to fit all ’68-’79 original & aftermarket bay window front suspensions. It includes water jet side plates that are masterfully welded, our elite bus beam adjusters, high grade polyurethane bushings, grease nipples, and shortened leaves with leaf spring carriers all installed. All beams come with a 2″, 4″, or a 5″ standard narrowed preference, center pin raised pitch of 7/8″, and a 2° rake for maximum and safe ground clearance.
•Spindles are tig welded and fabricated at a 10mm/(1cm) offset with a 2.5″/(6.35cm) drop for maximum strength and durability.
•Our custom tie rods and tie rod ends come professionally machined and threaded at the highest quality.
•The two lower trailing arms have been modified with relocated shock bosses ensuring the best and most comfortable stock ride. In addition, all arms are fit-tested on leaf springs for the easiest hassle free installation.

With no other comparable competitive imitations, this set-up will be guaranteed to out live the life of your bus with the option to purchase the kit pieces with powder-coating. Don’t let anyone tell you differently about us or our products, as we respect and support all local, national, and international competitors. If you have any concerns or questions, I highly recommend you call and speak with one of us at the shop!

Comes fully assembled right to your door. Shipping costs depend on customer location. Estimate can be given upon request.

Priced with NO Core Charges – (Including Spindles, Leaf Springs, Center Leaf Spring Carriers, Control Arms, & Pitman Arm). Please contact outright prices.

Additional Options:
– OEM Needle Bearings – $60.00
– 1″ Beam Raise – $25.00
– Extra Thick Double Side Plates FULLY TIG welded – $100.00

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