Front Wilwood Cross Drilled Disc Brake Kit – ’71-’79 Bay Window Bus


Cross Drilled Wilwood Disc Brake Kit – ’71-’79 Bay Window Bus

Vintage V-Dubs is now carrying the Elite top of the line, bolt-on and go, cross-drilled front Wilwood disc brake kit for ’71-’79 Bay Window buses! This kit has been assembled with only the best performance, safety, and durability in mind for late bay window bus owners. Whether you’re looking for a show quality finish front brake kit to show off on the weekends or if you are truly in need of the finest top performing stopping power available on the market, this kit is for you!

You’ll be upgrading from your stock 2 piston caliper to our set of Wilwood 4 piston calipers along with a set of Wilwood brake pads, a set of our custom cross-drilled rotors, custom caliper brackets, and all the hardware you need to simply install in the convenience of your garage. This kit also eliminates any unwanted increased wheel track with 15″ wheels. Due to spacing, running 14″ wheels will widen the running track of 3/16″ per side.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, please shoot us over a quick email or give us a call at the shop!

While replacing your front disc brakes with this Elite brake kit, we highly recommend that you also replace your old worn out rubber front hoses with our stainless steel brake lines and brake clips along with a front wheel bearing/seal kit.

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